New year eve menù wine dessert
Via del Giglio, 28/r, 50123 Firenze, FI, Italia
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Neapolitan Pizzeria Restaurant in Florence

welcome to our family

More than 70 years of experienxe.

It was 1948 when my great-grandmother after the Second World War, together with her daughters,
had to roll up their sleeves to make ends meet by opening a kiosk in the heart of central Naples. And it is from here that we have been handed down from generation to generation the passion for cooking and to serve the public.

Until today we have never stopped the curiosity and the will to discover day after day how our products grow and how to cook them always respecting the genuineness and tradition that has accompanied us for over seventy years!
With love,Ciro

Our Story

At Ciro&Sons we aim to always make you feel like home and let you spend some good time with us, in a joyful, colorful and welcoming atmosphere.
Our smile, combined with the enthusiasm for our work, is the basis of the experience that we have been passing on for generations.
We are proud of a well-established culinary family tradition and we carry it forward with passion and love.

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